Everyone interacting with the school is expected to be positive, enthusiastic and conscious of their role in helping to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, encouraging a ‘can do’ spirit in all.


Belts are treated with respect and worn with uniform at all times. If a student loses their belt, it must be replaced immediately.

All Instructors are addressed as Sir or Ma'am.

Staff and Instructors are treated with respect at all times and by everyone. They are here to help.

The Instructors, parents and students coming into our school do not gossip about other students, parents or

Students and parents of young students are treated with respect by everyone. They are here to learn.

Cleanliness is essential for training. Personal hygiene standards are expected to be high and uniforms clean at
the start of each session. Smelly uniforms and bodies are an offence to others and show a lack of respect.

Any complaints are dealt with using our complaints procedure.

Only official ISK Martial Arts or Top Ten sparring gear can be used in classes.

Equipment used and worn in classes is subject to inspection and approval by an Instructor before use.

All students must wear official ISK Martial Arts clothing in classes. Failure to adhere to this may result in the
student not being able to train. We are proud of our club and a clean, tidy uniform is an important part of training.

Instructors, students and parents of students in our school are positive, enthusiastic,caring individuals that want
to make our school a centre for enjoyment and development in our community.