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Mixed Kickboxing

Padwork, Fitness and Sparring!

Mon, Wed - 20:00

1hr | Class Time

Our Mixed Kickboxing is our Open class, suitable for Men and ladies with a focus on fitness and enjoyment rather than simply creating Champions - in fact only around 5-10% of our current students looking to compete, we would rather help in any area we can and often find the main reason for people joining is a lack of confidence, a need to improve their overall health and fitness or want to mix all of this and to get involved with a group socially. We use a mix of Padwork and partner drills (including sparring) to work on Kickboxing basics and movement, mixed with a high focus on fitness

Ladies Only Kickboxing

No Contact Kickboxing - Get Fit Not Hit!

Mon - 18:45

Fri - 18:45

1hr | Class Time

Similar to Mixed Kickboxing but in the company of ladies only, this helps to put some at ease, and here we really want everyone to relax, sweat loads, and have FUN while getting FIT! This class is always very popular and everyone leaves with a smile on their face. These sessions are predominantly partner-based with pad hitting as the main focus, concentrating on traditional kickboxing basics and tactics in a very safe environment as well as some great combinations to learn and engage the brain! You can also choose (if you want) to gain your Black Belt! Whatever your goal - we have you covered!

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