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These guys are awesome, and learn so much so quickly!

30min | Class Time

Mon - 17:00

Our Tiny Tigers Junior Martial Arts program has been developed for students ages 3-6. With an emphasis on Safety, Balance, Coordination, and Basic Martial Arts skills. Students have access to exclusive ISK Activity books, Merit badges to monitor and record progress and regular testings to earn new belts!


Full of energy and a great mix of skills!

Mon - 17:45

Wed - 17:45

Fri - 17:45

45min | Class Time

This program is aimed at ages 7-12 years, and has elements of Traditional Martial Arts as well as modern Kickboxing woven into a perfect mix that has proved to be extremely popular! Students in this program can learn to spar (with safety gear), basic self defence, higher level punching and kicking combinations as well as the ability to compete and earn belts

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